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The cytoophidium: a snake in the cell. Liu (2010) refered to these subcellular snake-like structures as cytoophidia (Greek: cyto-, meaning cell, and ophidia, meaning serpents) or cytoophidium (singular). (a) A snake-like structure observed in a Drosophila oocyte. This was one of the first images of cytoophidia obtained by antibody cross-reaction. Adapted with permission from . (b) A drawing of a snake mimicking the image in panel a.

Cytoophidia of IMPDH and CTPS

(a) CTPS (green) and IMPDH (red) can form independent cytoophidia. CTPS and IMPDH cytoophidia sometimes overlap (yellow). (b) Thin IMPDH cytoophidia (green) attach to the surfaces of thick CTPS cytoophidia (red). CTPS was overexpressed in both panels. Panel a courtesy of Chia Chun Chang and Li-Ying Sung. Panel b modified from Chang et al. (2015).


The five phases of cytoophidium assembly: (1) nucleation, (2) elongation, (3) fusion, (4) bundling, and (5) circularization. Modified from Gou et al. (2014).

Interplay between Myc and Cytoophidia

Cytoophidium formation correlates with Myc expression in Drosophila follicle cells.

Speculated functions of cytoophidia

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